Nickel & Dime
Neighborhood Song Performances    

August 2007
Tustin, California

On August 19th, we kicked off a series of special outdoor performances featuring the songs from Nickel & Dime. We brought a little bit of Broadway straight into the heart of our neighborhood. An audience of all ages was surprised and delighted at what followed, and an endearing summer evening was had by all.

Click on the blue links to enjoy video excerpts of the songs from Nickel & Dime.

Nickel & Dime Book and Lyrics by David Forster
Music by Ron Rogalski and David Forster

Act One Songs
1) “Having a Ball” - Tony, Wade, and Scouts
2) “Knight in Whining Armor” - Sheila Solo
3) “When You Know What You Want” - Sheila, Angelica and Shoppers
4) “It Should Be Just That Easy” - Tony Solo
5) “Glitter Up My World” - Big Stu and the Ladies
6) “There’s This Thing I Must Do” - Sheila Solo
         ( with Special Orchestration by Joseph Alfuso)

Act Two Songs
7) “That’s the Swing of Things” - Wade, Golfers, Tony
8) “My Lovely Prima Donnas” - Sheila, Big Stu, Finalists
9) “Oh, Momma!” - Big Stu, Finalists
10) “The Neon in Me” - Big Stu
11) “If I Only Knew” - Tony, Angelica, Thomas, Sheila
12) “Step Up to Your Plate” - Carlos
13) “Beyond That Door” - Tony
14) “The One Place I Should Be” - Sheila, Tony

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Character   Performer
Sheila Fratello -- Kerri Jones
Tony Fratello -- Ron Rogalski
Female Ensemble Roles -- Gail Ramey
Male Ensemble Roles -- David Forster
Narrator -- Ken Ramey

September 2007
Orange, California

On September 23rd, we ushered in the first day of fall with a beautiful late afternoon performance.

On a lively cul-de-sac in the city of Orange, puffy clouds and a crisp blue sky were the backdrops for another show highlighting the songs from Nickel & Dime.

The audience participation was wonderful, and we were so grateful for their enthusiasm.