Nickel & Dime
Creative Team    
David Forster
Book, Lyrics and Music
Ron Rogalski
Music, Orchestrations

David Forster has been at the forefront of corporate and industrial video productions for over 22 years. He is an award winning Senior Writer and Director for the Boeing Company in Southern California.

Beyond his corporate work, David has also pursued his love for Film and Theater. He has written 4 feature-length movie scripts and has created documentaries and radio dramas. Most recently, David has turned his focus towards Musical Theater. Immersing himself in all aspects of the craft, David has written the book, lyrics, and melodies for 2 full-length musicals.

The inspiration for Nickel & Dime came to David during a New York trip to Broadway to see the musical Wicked. While standing in line at the theater, he suddenly envisioned a marquee with a child’s hand tenderly placing a nickel in a pink piggy bank. With this unexpected spark, David spent his flight home to California furiously creating the story and characters for Nickel & Dime. Bringing this wonderful musical to life so it might find its audience has become David’s passion.


For the past 20 years, Ron Rogalski has written and produced songs and accompaniment for a variety of musicals. With early training in classical piano, Ron went on to achieve his Master of Arts in Theory and Composition.

In addition to creating the scores for 9 of his own original musicals, he has also collaborated with many other artists on numerous orchestrations and arrangements. Ron is currently the Music Director at Calvary Church in Orange County, California. He has been an inspiration in their development of annual Christmas musicals seen by thousands, and he has introduced the use of full symphonic orchestras in these productions.

Ron’s musical abilities and experience have been absolutely invaluable in bringing the songs of Nickel & Dime to life.