Nickel & Dime
Main Characters    

Sheila Fratello – A middle-aged mother of two with a precious heart for her family. She also happens to be gifted with a singing voice of pure gold, but is conflicted about how to use it. Sheila also loves her husband, but his selfish ways are wearing her thin. She tries her best to hold the family together during her struggles with Tony, but then has a very important decision to make.


Tony Fratello – He’s a minor league baseball scout who’s on top of his “game” while on the road, but at home, he often stumbles by taking his wife for granted. Though Tony is affectionate and fun around his children, he is perhaps a bit too much “old school” towards Sheila when it comes to her role in the home. He loves to put in his nickel, so to speak, and then stand there expecting her dime. Quite frankly, Tony’s a loveable Neanderthal.


Angelica Fratello – A confused thirteen year old daughter who pines to be a cheerleader. She shows the growing frustration and stress upon the family as her parents' difficulties escalate.


Thomas Fratello – About eight years old, he’s the innocent little brother who is always loving and always believing. It is his piggy bank that will come to symbolize his mother’s true worth to the family.


The “Big Stu” – The irrepressible and somewhat goofy host of an outlandish television singing contest called “My Momma the Diva.” Looking like he idolized the 70’s, the Big Stu is still a true believer in the power of the leisure suit, though hybridized with modern “bling.” Hey, is this guy wearing a toupee? His motives, if not his methods, are well-meaning as he uses the show to help middle-aged mothers believe they still have so much to offer. When he first sees Sheila, he is smitten by her talent. As the contest progresses, he is drawn towards her inner beauty.


Trisha – A gorgeous red-headed thirty-something single mother. She befriends Sheila at their first tryout. The two end up in the Las Vegas finals together and Trisha proves to be a knockout. She’s also a true believer in the power of the “Big Stu.”


Wade – Tony’s baseball scout buddy on the road. Never shy to voice his misguided opinions, fun-loving Wade keeps exhorting Tony to be the King of his castle. It’s bad advice indeed.


Carlos & Roberta Martinez – Close friends of the Fratellos. This Hispanic couple and their kids are the trusted anchors of what should be right in Sheila and Tony’s drifting world.